There’s no shortage of books about food and healthy eating. Finding one that provides reliable information and practical advice is usually the biggest challenge. Books written by health professionals are usually your best bet, but not always. Beware of books that promote fad diets or magical cures for health problems. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Click on the topics above to find some that will interest you.

Active Living

Power Eating by Fran Berkoff, RD, Dr. Yves Talbot, and Barbara Lauer
Aimed at athletes and individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. Offers fast, easy, healthy recipes as well as information on nutrition, exercise, sports medicine and more. Menus for fueling a winning performance are matched with sports for those who want to train seriously – from the best briefcase lunch for an after-work sqaush game to pre-marathon carbohydrate loading.
Key Porter Books, 2000 $26.95 CDN

Strong Women Stay Young by Miriam E. Nelson Ph.D. with Sarah Wernick Ph.D.
Designed to help women of all ages improve their strength, bone mass, balance and flexibility with strength-training. It also aims to help women replace body fat with muscle and improve muscle tone. Features a step-by-step strength-training program that can be done at home or at the office.
Bantam Books, 1997 $32.95 CDN

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
Includes information about carbohydrate loading, protein, fluid balance and eating for competition. It also includes a section on weight control and recipes. Recommended for everyone from the avid walker to the serious marathon runner.
Human Kinetics Publishers, 1990 $19.95 CDN



Choice Menus Presents: Meal Planning with Recipes for One or Two People by Marjorie Hollands RD and Margaret Howard RD.
CDG books, 2000 $26.99 CDN

More Choice Menus: Another Easy Guide with Recipes for Healthy Everday Meal Planning by Marjorie Hollands RD and Margaret Howard RD

Published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association. Originally designed to help people with diabetes plan healthy balanced meals. Other individuals, who need a simple approach to nutrition, weight-loss and weight control, will also benefit from using this book and its unique menu planning format. Includes more than 200 recipes.
Wiley-Interscience, 1995, $26.99 CDN


Choice Menus: An Easy Guide with Recipes for Healthy Everyday Meal Planning by Marjorie Hollands RD and Margaret Howard RD
Published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association. This book was designed as a meal planning guide for people with diabetes but it’s also useful for individuals who are simply interested in weight control and healthy eating. Includes over 100 mix-and-match menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
Addison Wesley Longman, 1992 $26.99 CDN

Meals for Good Health by Karen Graham RD
Published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association. This guide to healthy eating is aimed at people who want to lose weight and people with diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Includes fast and easy low-calorie meal plans and real-life photos illustrating appropriate serving sizes.
Paper Birch Publishing, 1998 $29.95 CDN


Feeding Children

Better Baby Food – Your essentiall guide to nutrition, feeding and cooking for all babies and toddlers by Joanne Saab, RD and Daina Kalnins, RD – Hospital for Sick Children, Robert Rose, 2001 $24.95 CDN

Better Food for Kids – Your essential guide to nutrition for all children from age 2 to 6 by Joanne Saab, RD and Daina Kalnins, RD Hospital for Sick Children, Robert Rose, 2002 $24.95 CDN

Child of Mine – Feeding with Love and Good Sense by Ellyn Satter
Bull Publishing, 2000

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter
Kelcey Press, 1999

Meals without Squeals: Child Care Feeding Guide and Cookbook by Christine Berman with Jacki Fromer
Bull Publishing, 1997


Food Allergies/Intolerances

Food Allergies written for The American Dietetic Association by Celide Barnes Koerner, RD and Anne Munoz-Furlong
A practical guide to eating well with food allergies. Discusses how to manage the most common food allergies, with day-to-day strategies for avoiding problem foods and making substitutions that ensure a balanced diet. Includes a sample food diary and allergy-free menus and recipes.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1998 $8.95 US

The Lactose-Free Family Cookbook by Jan Main
150 tasty recipes for appetizers, soups, vegetables dishes, baking and desserts (including ice cream). Includes tips on managing lactose intolerance and suggestions for increasing intake of calcium.
Macmillan, 1996 $22.95 CDN

Gluten Free Diet by Shelley Case, RD
Provides an update of foods allows, gluten-free products, recipes and more. Case Nutrition Consultling 2003, $21.95 CDN. Available from www.glutenfreediet.ca


Healthy Eating

Suppertime Survival – by Lynn Roblin, MSc. RD and Bev Callaghan, BSc. RD FAST FIND
Geared at busy families who need help pulling together simple and nutritious meals. The book provides over 70 completely balanced supper meal plans and shopping lists – all based on Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Includes tips for getting organized and setting up a survival kitchen, as well as information on feeding families, eating on the run, food safety, shopping, healthy diets and more.
Suppertime Survival, 2005 $24.95 CDN

Great Food Fast by Dietitians of Canada, Bev Callaghan RD and Lynn Roblin RD FAST FIND
A must have for people who want to eat well but don’t have a lot of time. Full of fast and easy recipes for breakfast, quick meals and snacks, salads and vegetables, soups, main meals and even desserts. Great Food Fast will help you discover that good nutrition doesn’t require a lot of work – and tastes great!
Robert Rose, 2000 $19.95 CDN

500 Best Healthy Recipes edited by Lynn Roblin, MSc.RD
We all have the best intentions when it comes to eating healthy meals, but often our time-pressed lives and lack of nutrition information make this difficult. The 500 Best Healthy Recipes eliminates all the guesswork by bringing together hundreds of easy-to-prepare, satisfying healthy recipes, all from the Robert Rose collection.
Robert Rose, 2000 $24.95 CDN

Jamie’s Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver
NOT an RD but a great advocate for getting back to eating REAL food. Rediscover how to cook simple, delicious, affordable meals for your family.
Hyperion, 2009 – first published in the UK as Jamie’s Ministry of Food by Penquin Books in 2008, $24.99 CDN

Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion
One of the best books to come out of Australia as Stephanie shares how to plant, harvest, cook and enjoy foods from your kitchen garden. Inspired by working with children to establish kitchen gardens in Australian primary schools.
Quadrille Publishing UK, 2010 – first published in Australia by Penguin Group in 2009, $24.39 CDN

The Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan, Liz Pearson RD and Mairlyn Smith
A guide to healthy eating based on the leading research on flax, soy, antioxidants and more. Includes meal plans, tips for weight loss and over 100 recipes.
Whitecap Books, 2002 $24.56 CDN

Smart Cooking 10th Anniversary Revised Edition by Anne Lindsay
Published in cooperation with the Canadian Cancer Society. This book includes 200 quick and tasty recipes that focus on less fat and more fibre. It includes the latest information on reducing cancer risk through healthy eating and answers concerns about possible cancer risks in food.
Macmillan, 1996 $24.95 CDN

The American Dietetic Association’s Complete Food and Nutrition Guide by Roberta Larson Duyff, RD
An easy to follow, comprehensive and practical resource for healthful eating. Covers a wide range of topices including weight control, low-fat eating, supermarket shopping, eating out, vegetarian eating and sports nutrition. Also includes USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, kitchen nutrition tips, self-assessment quizzes, and an expanded index.
John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1998 $24.95 US, $34.95 CDN

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Total Nutrition for Canadians by Leslie Beck, RD and Joy Baauer, MS, RD
A comprehensive book covering nutrition basics and a great variety of topics including making savvy food choices, eating out, weight management, sports nutrition, food allergies and other ailments, herbal remedies, pregnancy and parenting.
Prentice Hall Canada, 2000 $27.95 CDN

The Enlightened Eater – 10th Anniversary Edition by Rosie Schwartz RD
Contains nutrition information interspersed with recipes for healthy eating. Provides an overview of the basic elements for enlightened eating including helpful information on waist management and food facts and fallacy.
Macmillan, 1998 $24.95 CDN

The Vitality Cookbook by Monda Rosenberg and Fran Berkhoff RD
Provides easy recipes to help get you eating more fruits and vegetables. Provides nutrition and cooking tips and facts about fruit and vegetables. Includes a chart for selecting and storing produce and a nutritional comparison chart for selected vegetables and fruits.
HarperCollins, 1995 $12.95 CDN

More Vitality Cooking by Monda Rosenberg and Fran Berkhoff RD
Provides simple recipes to get you eating more fruits and vegetables. Provides nutrition and cooking tips and facts about fruit and vegetables. Includes information on phytochemicals in foods and a nutritional comparison chart for selected vegetables and fruits.
HarperCollins, 1997 $13.95 CDN

When in Doubt Eat Broccoli by Liz Pearson RD
A common sense guide to healthy eating with permission to leave room for chocolate! Provides nutrition information, helpful tips and more than 50 recipes from Canada’s favourite cookbook authors.
Penguin Books, 1998 $24.99 CDN


Healthy Weights

Thin for Life – 10 Keys to Success from People Who Have Lost Weight and Kept it Off by Anne M. Fletcher RD
Provides advice for permanent weight loss gleaned from people who have succeeded in losing weight, as well as recent findings on weight control.
Houghton Mifflin, 2003 $24.95 CDN

Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam E. Nelson Ph.D. with Sarah Wernick Ph.D.
Explains how weight training can help women achieve their weight loss goals. Based on research conducted at Tufts University which found that metabolism, which is key to permanent weight loss, is increased as much as fifteen percent by strength training. Provides a simple strength training program, healthy eating plans and recipes.
Bantam Books, 1998 $34.95 CDN

Outsmarting the Midlife Fat Cell by Debra Waterhouse RD
Targeted to women over 35 who want to control their weight and stay fit through menopause. Provides a sensible and practical approach to healthy eating.
Hyperion, 1998 $30.95 CDN

You Count, Calories Don’t by Linda Omichinski RD
Provides advice to regain control of eating habits, weight and life. Focuses on changing thinking and gradually fine-tuning one’s lifestyle in order to enjoy healthy living. A non-dieting approach to healthy eating
Hugs International Inc. 1999 $24.95 CDN


Wellness Foods

Wellness Foods A to Z – An indispensible guide for health-conscious food lovers by Sheldon Margen, MD and the Editors of the University of California Wellness Letter
Discusses what to eat for optimal health, how to get the vitamins and minterals you need and the latest nutrition facts and insights on more than 500 foods. Includes charts for key nutrients found in foods from supermarkets to farmers markets and specialty food shops, complete nutritional profiles, tips on shopping and storage, and preparation advice.
Health Letter Associates, 2002 $39.95 US order from www.WellnessLetter.com

Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal
A very comprehensive guide to healthy eating. Provides information about the health benefits of specific foods and an overview of a wide variety of nutrition topics and health conditions ranging from acne to weight concerns. This book was produced by an extensive team of writers in the United States and Canada with consultation from physicians and a dietitian.
The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. 1997 $49.95 CDN order from www.readersdigest.ca

Power Foods by Stephanie Beling M.D.
Discusses the importance of phytochemicals and encourages the consumption of certain “power foods” that are important to help prevent disease and improve health. Power foods include: red, yellow and orange fruits; red, yellow and orange vegetables; cruciferous and leafy green vegetables; mushrooms; sea vegetables; garlic and company; whole grains; beans and other legumes; soy and soy products; nuts and seeds. Features a chart showing the phytochemicals in foods, a weekly menu plan incorporating the “power foods” and 140 recipes.
HarperCollins, 1997 $35.50 CDN

The Knopf Canada Book of Healing Foods by Miriam Polunin
Profiles 50 foods that are promoted as having outstanding nutritional value and special health-helping properties. Includes a guide to preventing or relieving a wide range of common health problems. The health benefits attributed to certain foods are questionable since the research is not referenced (for example, lettuce and salad greens may ease nervous insomnia, and onions can help bronchial congestion). The author admits that scientific knowledge about what foods can do for us is far from complete and recommends including a wide variety of foods in a healthful diet.
Knopf Canada, 1997 $29.95

Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul by Deborah Kesten
Discusses how the hectic pace of everyday living has lead us to think of food as simply “fuel” to get us through each day and nothing more. Reviews world religions and food traditions and illustrates how food is important for spiritual and emotional well being. Provides an overview of the psychological, scientific and spiritual side of food and eating and explains why people eat the way they do. The author has a master’s degree in public health and has worked with Dr. Dean Ornish.
Conari Press, 1997 $14.95 US


Heart Healthy Cooking

The New Lighthearted Cookbook – Recipes for Heart Healthy Cooking by Anne Lindsay
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Provides over 200 healthful and delicious recipes for all occasions.
Key Porter Books, 2003 $24.95 CDN

Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking
Published in cooperation with Denise Beatty RD and the Canadian Medical Association. Contains more than 200 light and easy recipes. Nutrition information covers fats, cholesterol, weight loss, feeding children, vitamin supplements, diabetes and other topics.
Random House of Canada, 1999 $25.95 CDN

Anne Lindsay’s Light Kitchen
Published in cooperation with the United Way of Canada. Provides more than 200 recipes, express meals, meatless main dishes, and menu ideas. Also includes nutrition information written by Lynn Roblin RD.
Macmillan, 1994 $19.95 CDN

Lighthearted Everyday Cooking by Anne Lindsay
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Perfect for preparing family-pleasing heart healthy meals. Provides over 200 easy-to-prepare recipes, nutrition information and a helpful food choice guide for diabetics.
Macmillan, 1991 $19.95 CDN

Heart and Soul Cuisine by David Adjey and Janice Holley RD
Includes 150 heart-healthy gourmet dishes aimed at the home cook.
The Estates of Sunnybrook and the Heart and Circulation Program, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, 1997 $22.95 CDN

HeartSmart Chinese Cooking by Stephen Wong
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Includes over 75 easy-to-prepare recipes that are heart-friendly and taste great too!
Douglas and McIntyre $14.95 CDN

HeartSmart Flavours of India Cookbook by Krishna Jamal
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Includes over 100 healthy traditional Indian recipes. Provides an abundance of main course vegetarian recipes.
Douglas and McIntyre, 1998 $14.95 CDN

HeartSmart Cooking for Family and Friends by Bonnie Stern
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Includes entertaining tips and menus along with over 200 delcious recipes. Nutrition information on a variety of topics ranging from antioxidants to vegetarian diets prepared by Fran Berkoff RD
Random House of Canada, 2000 $28.95 CDN

More HeartSmart Cooking with Bonnie Stern
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Includes healthy eating advice and over 200 heart healthy recipes. Includes great recipes to help you experiment with new grains such as wheat berries and quinoa, and eat more fish.
Random House, 1997 $22.95 CDN

Simply HeartSmart Cooking by Bonnie Stern
Published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Offers over 200 healthful recipes to help you eat to your heart’s content. Includes many recipes to help you eat more grains, vegetables, fish, beans, peas and lentils.
Random House, 1994 $19.95 CDN

The HeartSmart Shopper by Ramona Josephson RD
A handy book published in cooperation with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. It is particularly useful for people who need to cut back on their intake of fat and start eating lower fat meals. It offers practical tips for shopping for healthy foods, reading labels and fat budgeting.
Douglas and McIntyre, 1997 $9.95 CDN

The Golden Door Cookbook by Michel Stroot
Provides 200 healthful recipes from The Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California. Includes recipes for soups, salads, fresh fruit compotes, chicken and fish dishes, breads and energy-boosting beverages. Each recipe derives less than 20 per cent of its calories from fat.
Broadway Books, 1997 $30.00 US, $41.95 CDN


Women’s Health

Bone Vivant by Jan Main
Published in cooperation with the Osteoporosis Society of Canada. This book is filled with calcium-rich recipes and bone-building exercises that will be help anyone, especially women at risk of osteoporosis, build stronger bones.
Macmillan, 1997 $24.95 CDN

Good Nutrition for a Healthy Menopause by Louise Lambert-Lagacé
Suggests diet-based solutions to deal with menopause-related disorders such as hot flashes, weight gain, bloating, and a lack of energy. Covers longer-term health issues including osteoporosis, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Includes sample menu plans, lists of foods that are rich in nutrients that counter menoppause-related problems, and some delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes containing these foods.
Stoddart, 1999 $22.95 CDN

Managing Menopause with Diet, Vitamins and Herbs by Leslie Beck RD
A book aimed at women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Discusses changes associated with menopause and dietary strategies to help cope with the symptoms. Discusses smart changes to your diet, soy foods and isoflavones, supplements and herbal remedies. Also provides advice on reducing risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and breast cancer. Includes meal plans and some soy recipes. Prentice Hall Canada, 2000 $24.95 CDN

Super Nutrition for Menopause by Ann Louise Gittleman
Provides an overview of menopuase how nutrition can play a role in controlling heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer, diabetes, and weight gain. Provides menu plans and recipes.
Avery Publishing Group, 1998

The Hot Flash Cookbook by Cathy Luchetti
Focuses on healthy eating as a coping strategy for menopause (less detailed than the book by Nina Shandler). Describes “hot flash foods” including some herbs and herbal teas. The recipes are creative and different but don’t offer as many choices in the tofu and soy product category as the book by Nina Shandler.
Chronicle Books, 1997 $16.95 US




Becoming Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina RD, Brenda Davis RD and Victoria Harrison RD
An essential tool for anyone who wants to adopt a more vegetarian food style and make sure they meet their nutrient needs. One of the best features in the book is a user-friendly vegetarian food guide. Content is mostly informational but some recipes are included to get you started.
Macmillan, 1994 $19.95 CDN

Cooking Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina RD and Joseph Forest
Provides more than 150 recipes, including breakfast and special occasion ideas, low-fat cooking tips, international menus and a vegetarian food guide.
Macmillan, 1996 $24.95 CDN

Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian
Provides more than 650 Meatless recipes from around the globe. This book is written for everyone – for vegetarians, for partial vegetarian (like me) and for all those non-vegetarians who wish to add exciting new dishes to their weekly meals.
Clarkson Potter/Publishers New York, 1999 $32.99 CDN


Raising Vegetarian Children – A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony by Joanne Stephniak and Vesanto Melina RD A resource for parents to help to help ensure their children are eating well and getting the nutrients they need. Includes key nutrition information and nutrient-rich recipes. For picky eaters to finicky teens. You’ll also learn how to address the social and emotional aspects of vegetarianism including holiday and school meals. McGraw Hill, 2003 $ 29.95 CDN $18.95 US.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Vegetarian in Canada by Nettie Chronish, Barbara Selley, RD and Suzanne Havala, RD
A comprehensive look at being vegetarian at all ages and stages. Suited to individuals who are interested in eating more vegetarian meals and still getting all the nutrients they need. Includes meal planning tips and some recipes.
Prentice Hall Canada, 2000 $27.95 CDN

The Vegetarian Female by Anika Avery-Grant, RD
Outlines how to follow a vegetarian diet. Includes practical information on balancing food groups, avoiding deficiencies, and eating for various lifestages and activity levels. Avery Publishing Group, 1999

Rancho La Puerto Cookbook by Bill Wavrin
Includes 175 vegetarian recipes for meals served at The Rancho La Puerto Spa in Baja California, Mexico. This book might inspire you to create some of the unique low-fat, high-flavour spa meals for your own pleasure at home.
Broadway Books, 1998 $20.00 US, $28.00 CDN

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