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Suppertime Survival

Lynn Roblin, MSc, RD and
Bev Callaghan, BSc. RD
Published by
Suppertime Survival

Currently out of print and being revised

Suppertime Survival has been revised and updated to tackle the obesity epidemic head on by teaching families how to plan, cook and eat healthy meals. This book clears the confusion over "what is a healthy diet" and provides simple diet and menu plans based on healthy foods and sensible portion sizes. Suppertime Survival provides a simple solution to the daily question "What's for Supper?" with meals that are easy enough for most older kids to make.  


Suppertime Survival includes:

Over 70 complete supper meals and over 100 recipes from anytime meals to desserts
Shopping lists and nutrient analysis with every supper recipe
10 chapters on how to eat well and plan healthy meals for everyone including picky eaters, tweens, teens and college age kids
Healthy diet plans the whole family can use to help maintain healthy weights



Available from www.suppertimesurvival.com OR email info@suppertimesurvival.com